Supporting the Student Athletes of Prospect High School

Do you remember the time you spent growing up in organized sports? If anything like my experience it went by way too fast, and no warning that your time playing was up! My wife and I both graduated Prospect High School in the early ’90s and are excited to give back to a program that meant so much to us both.

We have over 1400 kids at Prospect High School many of which participate in after-school sports programs. This is a chance for students to gain confidence, challenge themselves, and be a part of a team experience. Our coaches help kids with more than how to kick a ball or shoot a basket. They help teach life skills, dedication, success, failure, and responsibility. Sports help kids understand healthy habits, to stay away from trouble, and to think about what types of food to put in their bodies.  Sports gives them an outlet to release all the stress and go do their thing without judgment or grades. We want as many kids as possible to not only play after-school sports but to have an amazing experience!

We are working hard to include Alumni, and local businesses to be a part of the Panthers Community! Reach out to us and see how you can be a part of something special!

We need you to support the program and keep it alive with your time, money, and ideas.

COMING APRIL 2022 -OUR FIRST ANNUAL Prospect Sports Gala! email to help!

Brian Friss – President Panther Paws

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