Welcome to the 2022-2023 School Year!

We have accomplished so much in the last 4 years at Panther Paws, upgraded facilities, hall of fame walls, records boards, new uniforms for almost every team, and team dinners and parties for all! We are building a community and engaging alumni, raising money, and making sure these kids enjoy their time at PHS. Please join us and come to support PHS athletics! We had our first Gala and also had a successful golf tournament this summer.  We have donated over $100,000 in the last few years and raised over $40,000 in donations from parents and companies around the area in just the last 6 months alone! Let’s continue to build the wonderful PHS community of students, administration, parents, alumni, and local businesses! Reach out to see how you can help grow this community!

Go see a fall sport, support PHS!





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